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Último espectáculo: hoy
Espectáculos de calidad desde 11st Agosto, 2019

slave _bdsm_domina #anal#suck


Edad: 31
Color del pelo: Negro
Señal: Tauro
Longitud del pelo: Pelo largo
Étnia: Asiático
Preferencia sexual: Bisexual
Fumador: No fumador
Altura: 5'63" / 173 cm
Postura preferida: Anal
Artes/Tatuajes: Ninguno
Color de ojos: Ojos azules


My hobby:

Dance, books, shopping, body-art

If I'm momentarily not online, then...

i am busy with my hobbies

The best party, I ever attended

always the actual

My favorite sport


The best book, I ever read

Romeo und Julia, Lestat

I would love to live in this city


A perfect date would look like this

romantic and wild

I would love to do this at some point

i had to find out

I would take this items with me to a desert island

Water :) + Xbox360

A dream partner would look like this

he has to have nice eyes

The thing I like most on me


My best characteristics

always happy

My favourite music

Amy Winehouse

My favourite dish


What I like most about sex?


What do I dislike in sex?

what the guy forget that the woman is there too...

What was my hottest experience?

come in and i tell you

What do I wish in sex?

lots of it

What do I like to try?

i wishper in your ear :-P

My favourite sex position


My sexual fantasies

they are wild

My most exceptional sex experience

come in and i tell you

My most exiting erotic experience

i just told :)

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